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Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK)

In order to forge a stronger, more secure future from a financial, legal and professional perspective, and to be able to meet challenges head on with the help of similar enterprises we decided to join this distinguished community.

Our company joined the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2009, which is one the main focal points of Hungarian entrepreneurial life and also member of several other chambers of commerce and industry throughout Europe.

In addition to all the advantages the chamber provides (developing the economy, guaranteeing the safety of business transactions and ensuring the basic interests of the economy), our membership gives us the opportunity to process feedbacks from our clientele, since most of customers arrive from businesses, many of them members of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The common protection of interest as an enterprise was also an important part in our decision. In a continuously changing business environment and economy it is in both our clients and our own best interest to work together and ensure a clear legal and economic framework.

Our company is a member of the Translation and Interpreting Department of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and as such we enjoy a stronger professional support, a new circle of association and the assistance of acknowledged partners, all to make a higher level of service to our clients.