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The Association of Hungarian Translation Companies was formed in 1994. Its mission is to raise the average level of translation and interpreting services as a regulating and representing interest group. In addition, it wishes to raise public recognition and acceptance of the industry as a whole. Amongst its many goals, the Association wishes to facilitate work between the translation agencies, grant necessary assistance through experience and strategy and to make decisions regarding the entire market. By ensuring education and a better flow of information concerning developments in the industry, trends and modern technical breakthroughs in the field, the Association does its best to create a higher level of service. The Association also monitors all changes in the legal system and may also initiate such changes to create the necessary market conditions.

Tasks of the association may be summarized in the following manner:

Representing translation agencies both in the industry and on the legal stage, to raise the level of translation and interpreting services and to create a better public recognition, with specific regards to the followings:

  • Raising public awareness to the fact that translation-related tasks may be accomplished through the cooperation with such translation agencies,
  • Representing the needs of translation agencies by all legal methods,
  • Organizing cooperation between translation agencies, creating a forum where experiences may be exchanged and discussed,
  • Taking part in the further education of translators and interpreters,
  • Becoming the main information channel to translation agencies, translators and interpreters about trends and technical advancements in the industry,
  • Distributing modern methods between members of the association,
  • Advocating the necessary atmosphere for the highest level of services, while taking into account all legal aspects and initiating changes in such regulations,
  • Creating the base and nurturing it for the best possible quality translations,
  • Assistance in introducing a professional liability insurance,
  • Assisting the development in the translation industry in a capitalist environment.

The Association of Hungarian Translation Companies is a founding member of the EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies).

For further information please visit the association's website: