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Translation Technology

Both translation agencies and freelance translators already acknowledge the necessity and importance of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, which ensure a coherent terminology and glossary. The point is that the programs save and utilize client, area of expertise and project based terminology, offering them to the translators and proofreaders during the assignment. Hence, while offering a more precise and professional result, both time and effort decrease.

These tools are strongly recommended in case of short deadlines and bigger assignments since this way a given document may be given to several translators, while keeping the same terminology.

SDL Trados is at the moment the most widely used and recognized CAT tool, and as such compatibility is virtually guaranteed.

In addition, TagEditor, one of the program's core functions is able to handle most file formats (including Page Maker, Frame Maker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, XML, HTML, SGML, etc.), and after the work translations and proofreads may be exported.