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We at Turris Babel have long known that product quality must go hand in hand with the quality of the service: the combination of these is one of the most important requirements of a successful business. This is why we decided to introduce the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system in 2006.

  • This standard requires first of all that each employee has a designated role within the company, workflow is fluent and concisely coordinated and that all phases are traceable, documented and controlled.
  • To our clients, this standard bears many advantages. The standardized work process ensures permanent high quality work and controlled administration. Our colleagues have a comprehensive knowledge of the quality system, and are fully aware of their designated role in it. Hence, the highest level of service is ensured. The standardized quality insurance system requires constant monitoring and evaluation of the work performed by management, staff and subcontractors, and the quick and effective processing of the needs of the clients.
  • The ISO 9001:2000 quality insurance system has become a market requirement in many industries all over the world and is increasingly gaining importance in Hungary as well. Yet, many translation and interpreting agencies still cannot take pride in using it. We at Turris Babel however, consider quality insurance and the traceability of work processes crucial for our success, especially in an industry where intellectual work is done, which is well known for its problems in standardization.
  • We at Turris Babel do our best to provide our clients with the highest level of service. Returning clientele means survival and success in a tough market, hence we do everything in our power to guarantee their satisfaction. This is why we believed it important to introduce, among others, the ISO 9001:2000 quality insurance system, and this is why we aim for the continuous widening of the range of services and their perfection.


Our office operates according to the EN 15038:2006 (earlier: DIN 2345) quality standard. By applying this standard we define the working relationship and the work process between the client, ourselves, and the translators.

  • Both the selection of the translator and the actualization of the job at hand, such as proofreading and supervision, are done according to a predetermined procedure. Our goal is to perform these in the most professional way possible.
  • Assessment of the translators is carried out according to qualifications (professional background and schools) and by examination of their previous work experience.
  • Our office appoints the most suitable translator possible in every occasion, whether it is a translation of a technical text or a proofread of a theatre script. Understandably, in addition to ensuring professionalism, our office puts great emphasis on deadlines; hence we are connected to numerous translators and proofreaders in the same field of expertise.
  • According to the EN 15038:2006 standard, our office checks and re-checks language and content consistency in addition to the usage of terminology in the case of every given assignment.
  • According to the EN 15038:2006 standard, each of the original drawings, sketches and appendices will be attached to the finished document.
  • Our office greatly emphasizes the supervision of translations and proofreads. We like to ensure that the final outcome corresponds to the nature and function of the document and that our clients are satisfied with style and terminology. Observations and remarks by the translators will be delivered to the customers.
  • We keep a detailed database of all our translators, interpreters and proofreaders together with their qualifications and previously performed works and reference numbers.
  • Our company's key customers are mainly business-, commerce- and political clientele; hence confidentiality is one of our main policies. By expressed will of the customer we will delete all information concerning the given assignment from our database and destroy photocopies and printouts.
  • To ensure that the given document suits your personal preferences we advise all our customers to share glossaries and reference-materials with us. This is particularly important regarding linguistic tastes.
  • Our proofreaders examine translations numerous times before the finished document is delivered to the customer in order to ascertain the adequacy of the product both from terminological and grammatical point of view and to ensure the suitability of style to the given content.