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Language courses

For companies and associations

Our office organizes language courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew and Hungarian (or others on request).

Our customers for these courses enjoy the following advantages:

  • our teachers conduct the language courses at a place and time selected by the clients,
  • size of the groups, programming and the course material can be set by our customers.

Conversational language teaching

Conversational teaching can be organized in small groups or as one-to-one courses. Before starting the course we assess the oral and writing skills of our clients and plan the course on the basis of these results.

Our teachers

The key to a successful language course is a good teacher. The following are taken into consideration:

  • professional knowledge of the teacher,
  • imaginative teaching method,
  • creative, dynamic and fluent course leading,
  • ability to react to individual problems arising in one group.

Our teachers took their university degrees at the Faculty of Art, are young and enthusiastic, and already have many years of teaching experience.

The tuition fee also covers the following additional services:

  • individual performance assessment at the end of each course period,
  • continuous assessment of individual and group performance with detailed reports to the company.