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Our company offers professional translations in various fields of expertise, ranging from legal and economic documents to natural sciences and technical texts. These specialities are complemented by our expertise in software and image localization services. Proofreading is always considered an essential part of the translation process. In addition, we naturally offer the complete array of desktop publishing services (DTP) to our clientele.


Our proofreading services include the professional examination of the document, a native check-up, and the adaptation to the target-language environment. Native check-up means a linguistic, grammatical and style check, and a comparison to the original source text. A professional proof stands for a colleague with an adequate background in the specific field who examines terminology and word usage.


We provide consecutive (ad-hoc, liaison/accompanying) and simultaneous (whispered/conference) interpreting services to our clients with a trustworthy linguistic and professional background. In addition to interpreting we offer the complete array of technical background necessary to organizing events, including cabins, audio systems, recording and audio-visual solutions.

Language courses

Our language courses are always communication-based with a specific focus on small groups and individual classes. Before commencing the courses we always examine the exact expectations, hold a written and oral evaluation, and based on the results we tailor the personal thematic and methodology.

Editing and word-processing

We offer our editing and word-processing services for print assignments, presentations and publishing. Naturally we have the client's wishes at mind at all times when going over the parameters and deciding upon file formats.


We undertake transcription of both digital and analogue recordings mainly in the legal, medical and financial fields in the required languages. Post-editing and processing is also amongst our services.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Our specialised colleagues will prepare your files for publication conserving the original forms or prepare a completely different image, all based on your wishes. Our desktop publishing services are meant mainly for commercials, pamphlets, manuals, guides and business reports.

Voiceover and subtitling

We prepare voiceover for natural science materials and documentaries in a specialized recording studio by our professional, native colleagues in the required language. In addition, we offer translations and subtitling of motion pictures and documentaries.

Terminology management

Every enterprise, be it a single person venture or a multinational consortium, has its own terminology, word usage and company image. This is why, from the moment of establishing contact all the way to the eventual DTP services and adaptation to the target-language, we collect and manage the customer-specific terminology in order for us to be able to use it during the whole range of translation and editing-related services.